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Hello Spring

Mrs. Strader’s class is learning all about Spring. The story One Bean by Anne Rockwell describes the changes a lima bean undergoes to become a plant. The students followed the story by covering their own lima beans with moist paper towels until the bean split its skin and a small sprout emerged. In less than a week all the beans had a sprouted and were planted in cups of soil and placed on the window sill. Data is collected and graphed to keep track of progress and compare results of each student’s lima beans. Additionally, the students planted flowers to take home in recognition of March 12, Plant a Flower Day.

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Global Emphasis on Africa photo

Global Emphasis on Africa

As part of the global studies emphasis at Wolfe School, students spent the month of February studying about Africa. Each classroom studied a different country and participated in activities to “bring Africa to life.” This included cooking food dishes that are popular in each country, learning about customs, dress and ways of life among the citizens. Each class decorated their classroom door with either the country’s flag or some type of information that told about the country.

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