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Water for the World

As a part of our school’s global initiative, Wolfe students spent last week learning about “Water for the World.” The lessons were a part of our school’s current events curriculum called News-2-You. Students learned about a new invention called the “Slingshot.” The Slingshot converts dirty water into clean water. Slingshots are housed in “Ekocenters” which are located in nations around the world that desperately need access to clean water. Ekocenters are a partner project of the Coca-Cola Company and are “a social enterprise initiative designed to empower community well-being by bringing safe water, solar power and mobile communications, as well as basic goods and services, to underserved communities -- in six countries in Africa and Asia in 2015.”  (http://www.coca-colacompany.com/ekocenter/)


As a part of this cultural awareness project, students read lessons, participated in class discussions, watched informational videos, and completed science projects. 

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Read Across America

Ms. Lee’s class celebrated “Read Across America Day” by reading Dr. Seuss’ classic book “The Cat in the Hat”.  The teachers and students dressed up as the mischievous characters from the book.  They added some additional characters to their version so that all the students would be included. They enjoyed the story and had a great time .

Read Across America Day is on March 2.  We celebrate reading on that day because it is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Dr. Seuss wrote many famous and well loved books.  Out of these books came some memorable characters such as the Lorax, Horton, and of course Thing One and Thing Two.

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