"Preparing All Students to Succeed"


  • 1986 Moved from a wooden building at Benton Heights to a brick building next to Monroe High School. Called the Trainable School.
  • 1980's Developmental Center at the First Presbyterian Church. Later moved to Walter Bickett Elementary School campus and became Wolfe Developmental Center in honor of Isabelle Wolfe.
  • 1996 Three buildings: Prevocational School ( formerly called Trainable School), Wolfe Lancaster Center, and Wolfe Developmental Center merged but still split into two campuses. Prevocational School at Monroe High and Wolfe Developmental Center.
  • 2000 Name changed to Wolfe School.
  • 2006 Wolfe School on one campus.
  • The current facility opened in March 2008.
  • And in the future?

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